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Hey! Here we are going to talk about Coin Master and how to get coin master free spins. I have got a lot of free time. What am I supposed to do? If you are asking yourself this question, then I have a solution for you. If you have time and love to play games, you must give the coin master a shot.

Here in this article, we are going to discuss everything you need to know about the coin master and especially about the coin master free spins:

Daily Links For Coin Master Free spins And Coins

If you think the daily number of free spins you get throughout the day is not enough for you or takes a bit longer for the new slot of free spins to come, then there is a way out for you. The official page of coin master shares daily links for coin master free spins and coins on their Facebook and Twitter pages. All the links are verified, authenticated, and safe. You can try it and improve your ranking with unlimited spins and coins.

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01/08/2022 25 spins Collect Coin
01/08/2022 3 million coins Collect Coin
01/08/2022 25 spins Collect Coin
01/08/2022 25 spins Collect Coin
08/14/2021 25 spins Collect Coin
08/14/2021 10 spins, 1.4 million coins Collect Coin
08/14/2021 10 spins, 1.4 million coins Collect Coin
08/14/2021 25 spins Collect Coin
08/13/2021 2.8 million coins Collect Coin
08/13/2021 50 million coins Collect Coin
08/11/2021 25 spinsCollect Coin
08/7/2021 25 spinsCollect Coin
08/7/2021 25 spinsCollect Coin
08/7/2021 25 spins Collect Coin
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08/7/2021 25 spins Collect Coin
08/9/2021 10 spins, 1.4 million coins Collect Coin
08/9/2021 25 spins Collect Coin
08/9/2021 25 spins Collect Coin
08/9/2021 25 spins Collect Coin
08/9/2021 10 spins, 1.4 million coins Collect Coin
08/5/2021 25 spins Collect Coin
08/5/2021 10 spins, 1.4 million coins Collect Coin
08/5/2021 10 spins, 1.4 million coins Collect Coin

What is Coin Master Game?

Coin master is a mixture of some amazeballs that give you the perfect game for your free time. The game is a product of Israeli studio Moon Active.

People got an introduction to the coin master in 2016, and since then, the spins are spinning everyone’s heads. The game has slot machines where you spin your future in the game, attacks, revenge, the building of villages, raids, and everything you require in good gameplay.

The game binds your breath for the entire time until you get ahead in the game. In a nutshell, it is a single-player entertainment game where you can spend your day’s free time with a relaxed head.

How to Play the Coin Master Game?

The gameplay of Coin Master is a cakewalk! You do not require any hardcore training to play the game. It will take you seconds or a few minutes to understand the entire game.

The game is controlled by a slot machine that has a lot to offer you. You will get daily free spins.

When you spin the slot machine, there will be reels that will have different symbols. Each time you get a match, you win something big.

The game is all about earning and spending coins, so you have to collect coins as much as possible because that will take you ahead. You can understand the gameplay in simple ways:

Here’s How:

  • To get a better experience of the gameplay, you need to login through your Facebook account as it will connect you with the family of coin masters. You can also invite your friends and make them a part of this big family.
  • The other way to play the game without using your Facebook login is to play as a guest.
  • There are many villages, and each village is a level, to get to a new level you have to finish building one village.
  • You have to build the village using the coins that you earn with Coin Master Free spins. And have to keep purchasing and upgrading things to the last upgrade. Then only you can make it to the next level.
  • In between your building of the village process, you get a chance to earn more stars and coins by attacking other players who can be random or friends from Facebook.
  • You also have to prevent yourself from attacking other people who can loot your coins and bring your stars down.
  • The most exciting part of the coin master game is the raid. Yes, you get to raid the wealthy players and dig out all their wealth at a time.
  • Apart from these things, there are a lot of other things as well, such as pets, which are a winning factor in the game.
  • You have a lot to do in the game. Gaming can never stop. From getting cons to feeding pets from attacking and protecting yourself, the game will never stop until you reach the last village. And this is not going to happen anytime soon!

Essential Techniques of Coin Master Game

play coin master

When you mix a lot of elements, you get the coin master as the end product.

You cannot play the game with the game itself until you have a sound knowledge of its essentials. Here is the list of all the essentials that you need to know before stepping into the game.

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Available spins in slot machine

The slot machine is the heart of the game. In simple words, you can understand by the center of the game. The entire game lies around the slot machine.

In the slot machine, you get to spin. You can access the slot machine either by swiping up or from the menu option.

The slot machine is all about spins. Below the machine, you can keep a check on available spins for you. You can increase the number of spins, in case it is finished, and you are in an urgent need.

There are many ways to enhance the times of free spins coin masters. Your main job is to spin the slot machine, and it will do the rest of its work. The slot machine has four reels with different symbols: a bag of coins, a hammer, a pig bandit, a shield, and a spin capsule.

The spin’s highlight is that if you can get similar symbols in your spin, you can earn a lot of things, including coins, hammer, shield, and the necessity to move ahead in the game.

The Bag of Coin

The Bag of Coin

The bag of coin, the name explains it all. It is one of the available reels on the slot machine which you have to spin. Each time you spin the slot machine and get the bag of coins, you get a small reward.

The feast happens when all the reels match up with the same bag of coins, you get to earn a considerable amount of coin that can be a game-changer.

It is not necessary to get all the reels as a bag of coins to get the reward as even if a single reel shows a bag of coin symbols, you will get a small considerable amount of coins.

Attack – The Row Of Hammer

Whenever you play a game with gameplay like this, you cannot get ahead without defeating others. The same rule applies here. To beat other players competing with you, you need to attack them.

And to help you in attacking and causing trouble for the next person, you get the hammer.

Hammer is another reel that you get to spin on the slot machine if you can match all the reels with hammer symbols on them, congratulations! You get a chance to be an attacker.

If you are playing with your Facebook Id, you can choose any one of your friends, but if you are playing as a guest, you get a random player to attack.

You have to attack parts of his village to earn coins and bring his stars down. Attacking others will add to your coins and take you to step ahead towards the next level.

Raid – The Pig Bandit

The pig pandit is the fun element of the game. It is one of the four reels that you can find on the slot machine if you are lucky enough to match all the reels as the pig bandit, whoa!

You get to do a raid. Raiding in a coin master is another way of accumulating coins in your account. When you get to raid, you are taken to a village where you can see three Xs marks. You have to shove the marks and try your luck in getting maximum coins.

Unfortunately, you cannot decide the location of raiding, but that is not a pain. You can get coins from those pits by digging them and taking the lead in the game.

The Shield  Protect Villages

When you attack someone, you have to be ready for the attack on you. It fits in the game of Coin Master as well.

As you attack people, people will also attack you. And to be the pro of the game, you have to have a shield for your village.

The shield is the fourth addition in the slot machine reel list. If you are lucky enough to get the shield on all the reels during the spin, you will earn protection for your village.

The shield prevents damage by the attacks of other players. The attacker will still get 50,000 coins for breaking your shield, but you will not lose your stars.

And stars matter a lot! What you need to keep in your mind first is that the shields will not prevent you from raids.

Participate in betting

The simple concept of betting is putting the risk of losing something big for earning something big. The same is with the betting of Coin Masters.

The betting of Coin Master is slightly different. When you get a lot of spins, you can bet for bigger wins. The concept of betting in Coin Masterworks in a way where you bet more spins with the chances of getting something big.

There is not any guarantee that you will win something big, but that’s what betting is, beyond every risk.

Village Building

Village Building

The entire game revolves around building villages. Villages are the levels of Coin Master, which refers to the next level you must finish building in one village.

Coins in the Coin Master game will help you in making your village. The more coins you have collected, the faster you can complete the level by completing the village building. Coin Master daily free spins will help you to accumulate all the essentials for your village.

There are many things to add in the village, all of which you can purchase with the help of your coins. You have to build a maximum of five houses to complete the level and get ahead to the next level.

Coin Master has more than 250 villages on its map, which means it’s a long game and has enough to offer you.

1Land of Vikings133Dracula
2Ancient Egypt134Future Park
3Snowy Alps135Gymnastics
4Inca136New York
5Far East137Swamp Princess
6Stone Age138Punk Rock
7Sunny Hawaii139Railroad
9Africa141Space Pirate
10Atlantis142Mech Workshop
11The Future143Jocke & Jonna
13Arabian Nights145Petra
14Moon Landing146Monkey Kingdom
15Wild West147Persian Sultan
16Netherland148Desert Party
19Miners151Baker Shop
20The Arctic152Billiard
21Apocalypse153Noah’s Ark
22Candy Land154Doomsday
23Army Camp155Orc
25The Tribe157Ice Age
29Magical Forest161Horse Racing
30India162Jazz Club
31The 50’s163Fashion
32Thailand164Barber Shop
33Coin Manor165Mermaid City
34Dragon Lair166Street Dance
35Greek Island167Saloon Slickers
36LA Dreams168Centaure
37The Wizard169Dungeon Lair
38Oil Tyrant170Brazil Amazon
39La Familia171Morocco
40Area 51172Firefighters
41Night of the Dead173Jousting
42Steampunk Land174Sculpture Workshop
43The Zoo175Babylon
44Russia176Boarding School
45Musketeers177Movie Set
46Lady Bug178Dino Ranch
47Theme Park179American Football
48Tibet180Beauty and the Beast
50Easter182Robo Tech Girl
53Wizard of Oz185Mad Hatter
54Timbuktu186San Fransisco
55Jurassic Ville187Rally Racing
57Mongolia189Police Station
58Jacks Beanstalks190Bee Hive
60Robin Hood192Basketball
61Deep Sea193Film Noir
62Don Quixote194Baseball
63Colosseum195Pet Saloon
64Cat Castle196Scouts Camp
68Da Vinci200Ice Hockey
69Sand Land201Talk Show
71Switzerland203Cyber Future
72Truckers204Magic Show
74Little Red206Jamaica
75Unicorn207Louise The 16th
76Scientist208Sea Master Park
77Romania209Zombie Boogie
79Tin Soldier211County Folk Band
80Crazy Bride212Trainer of Dragons
81Pilot213China Wall
82Fairy Tale214Mail Man
83Car Racing215Theatre
84Gnome216Grand Biking Tour
85Desert Punk217Space Cleaners
86Detective218Dwarf Workshop
87Baba Yaga219Swimming Pool
89Restaurant221Haunted House
90King Arthur222Jungle Explorers
91Sinbad223Stranded Island
92Bikers Bar224Construction Site
93Caribbean Resort225Thai Boxing
94Super Heroes226Museum Life
95Egyptian Pyramids227Roman Square
96Olympic Games228Cricket
97Mountain Climbers229Nordic Fisherman
98Milky Way230Georgia
99Ski Slope231Tesla’s Lab
100Royal Monkey232Iceland
101Snow White233Portugal Vasco da Gama
102Goblin Ghetto234Templar Order
103Yemen235Aircraft Carrier
104Wu Xing236Alien Museum
105Circus237Prisoner Escape
107Golf Course239Alien Invasion
108Lucha Libre240Royal Haven
109Cyber Cowboys241Submarine
110Rice Farmer242Princess Pack
111Captain Shipyard243Chocoloate Factory
112Irish Craic244Henzel and Gretel
113Oktoberfest245Mage Room
115Aztec247Venice Beach
116Forbidden City248Bikers Gang
117Ice Queen249Ice Skating
118Samurai250Pastry Shop
119Santa’s Factory251Mauri
121Tennis253Doughnut Shop
122Thanksgiving254Wagon Train
127Zanzibar259Green Earth
128Moby Dick260Leonardo’s Workshop
129Turkey261Voodoo Shop
130Argentina262Clock Maker
131Boxing Club263River Beast


Revenge is a big word, and so it is in the Coin Master. When people attack you, you get an equal opportunity to hunt them down. But you have to earn that opportunity.

Now the question that you must be asking yourself is,’ How can I earn this opportunity”. The answer is the evergreen’ slot machine’. You have to do a spin and pray to get a match of the hammer in all the reels.

When you get a matchup of a hammer, you earn revenge. On your screen, you can see the button of revenge. By clicking that, you can see the entire list of people who have attacked you. Now, it’s your turn to turn the tables and attack them back with a surprise.


coin master cards

Cards play an essential role in the entire gaming of the Coin Master. You can get cards by opening chests.

To get a chest, you have to buy them using coins. Cards are available in the form of card collections, and each collection contains nine cards that can bring a lot to your table.

With the cards, you can win a lot of coins, free spins, and other exciting things. To get good and more profound cards, you have to step ahead in the higher levels of the game.

The higher the level of your game is, the higher the quality card collection you get.

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Chests Mystery

Chests are the mystery boxes that have a lot to offer you in the game. You can get access to cards using the chests.

And to get the chests, you have to purchase them using your coins. The more costly the chest is, the more it will offer to you.

Chests can be game-changers depending on the choice and situation of the game while you purchase the chests.

Card depends on the Chest

Since the chest’s importance is prominent, the higher chance of drawing a specific rare card depends on the chest you are opening.

You are lucky to have a Joker Card only if you get to open Mystery, Ruby, and Valentine’s Chests. The other chests will not make you fortunate enough to get the specific card.

As soon as you enter the Village 3, you will access the Wooden, Golden, and Magical Chests. At village 4, the Small Lucky Chest is available. The lucky Small Easter Chest you will get at Village 10. At village 20, you can expect Big Easter Chest and Emerald Chest. The specific Valentine’s Chest and Big Lucky Chest will be there to help you at Village 30.

You can expect Sapphire Chest after Village 70, and the Ruby Chest at Village 110.

Wooden Chest286%48%18%15%2%0%
Golden Chest460.4%77.74%99.5%35.87%5.95%0%
Magical Chest879.21%94.29%99.5%99.5%23.6%0%
Mystery Chest60.5%98.33%98.33%99.5%99.5%10%
Emerald Chest463.71%56.13%80.69%70.84%27.1%0%
Saphire Chest671.78%79.16%90.49%99.5%38.04%0%
Ruby Chest856.2%82.47%97.19%99.5%61.14%1.9%
Valentine’s Chest60.5%98%98%99%99%4%
Small Lucky Chest60.01%98%98%99.5%99.5%1.4%
Big Lucky Chest855%82%96%99%60%14%
Small Easter Chest60.01%99.5%99.5%99.5%99.5%2.4%
Big Easter Chest856%83%97%99%61%6%

The Joker Card

Joker is the king of every game. In Coin Master, becoming the master of the joker is rare. But rare is beautiful! You can try your luck of getting a joker by participating in Coin Master events only.

The joker card can transform itself into any card of your choice, even the gold card. Imagine what it can do to your game! But remember that good thing lasts for no longer, the coin master joker card comes with a time limit, and after expiration, the joker will go away.

Pets Companion

Pets Companion Free Spins

Pets are the most adorable and one of the best things about the Coin Master game. They will be your companion and take you towards the title of ‘the Coin Master.’

You have to purchase the pets by spending your coins. The pets will be active for 4 hours, after which they will sleep with a mode of inactiveness. To bring their activity back in the game, you have to feed them.

You can earn food for your pets using the slot machine spin. Also, You can spend real time money to purchase food for your pets, which in return will give you a lot through your pets. You can get food for the pets from the chests as well.


If you have a tiger as your pet, it will boost the number of coins you have earned after each attack.

The boosting level of coins gets up as you level up the tiger. Make sure that you keep this pet active throughout the game.


You can get a rhino as your pet only after completing the creature’s card collection. Rhino is your shield that will protect your village from the attack of enemies.

Keep leveling up your rhino as it will boost the security as a shield from enemy attacks.


Foxy is the first pet you get to unlock while playing the Coin Master in level 4. It is a great help while you are raiding.

It gives you one more shovel, which means one more place to dig and earn coins. Keep your foxy attack to boost up your raiding.

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Tips And Tricks

Never accumulate the coins.

Earning coins is not a tough task for Coin Master; managing them in the correct way is a big deal.

If you store coins, you make yourself prone to raids. Generally, raids happen on wealthy players. So it would be best if you keep using your coins on purchasing things throughout the game.

If you have fewer coins, you will not be on a hit list of the raiders.

Manage your pet

You get the activation of your pet only for four hours. If you make the mistake of unlocking them in a time when you will not be playing the game, it marks the sheer wastage of your pet bonuses.

Activate it for the time slot where you will play the game for long hours, and you will be able to make the best use of your pets. also, try to get food for your pets so that you can keep them active for longer hours and get all of its benefits.

Spend on chests

You have to try to purchase a chest in every new village you enter as a new level. Spending on the chest is worth it. Chests have a lot to offer you.

You can get access to various cards and foods for your pets to keep them active. Try to get lower-level cards in the early stages only as it gets difficult to obtain them at higher levels.

How To Get Viking Quest Rewards

Do you want to miss this chance to get a Golden card? I think you’ll also want to achieve this level and your user can win cards while playing pets food, and Rare and golden card free spins, XP, pet potion. And it’s come with other exciting and additional rewards. You should definitely play this Viking Quest and get achieve rewards.

How To Buy Chests in Every Village

The importance of cards cannot be neglected in the game. If you have individual cards, you should expect a bonus. But as soon as you complete your card collection, you become eligible for all the available rewards. To stay ahead in the game, you need to try to purchase the maximum number of chests. Try to accumulate all the low-level cards in the game’s initial stage, as it gets harder to get them in the higher village levels.

Your little ignorance can make the joker slip out of your hand to replace the missing common card. So try to get that common card as early as possible in the game.

Coin Master Hourly Rewards

There are various techniques to earn free coins, which makes this game more exciting to play because who wouldn’t want more coins where the game is all about coins.

You just have to wait for an hour for free coins as this game gives you Coin Master Hourly Rewards for being patient for an hour.

The free spin in Coin Master generates every hour for you to get free coins. You get 5 spins every hour, so if you are patient for 10 hours, then 50 spins!

Spin the Daily Bonus Wheel every 24 hours to earn Free Coins! Once the Coins have been achieved, the player will be presented with a timer towards the next free Daily Bonus Coin Master Free Spins!

Get Coin Master Free Spins by Watching a Video Ad

Yes! You read it correctly! You can also watch sponsored video Ads online to get a limited amount of Coin Master free spins every day.

Just scroll over the slot machine and then click on the ‘Spin Energy Icon’ on the lower right corner to watch an ad, but if you don’t see an icon there, it means you have finished your free spins for the day.


What is a coin in the Coin Master game?

The entire game of the Coin Master is about the coins. Their value is similar to real-life money in the game.
You need coins to play and survive in the game. The more amount of coins you have, the more things you can purchase. Whatever you will buy, you have to spend it on building your village.
Once you finish your village, you get to the next level. So, in a nutshell, the game does not exist without coins. If you have to play games, you have to earn these coins and spend them in the correct way.

How to earn coins in the Coin Master Game?

There are multiple ways of earning coins in the Coin Master. You get to earn continuous coins with Coin Master Free spins.
Apart from the spins, you can earn money by attacking other players, breaking their shields, bonuses of your pet, or raiding wealthy players. You get to earn coins in everything you do in the game.
You can earn a lot of coins together by performing a raid, and even spins can give you a lottery. So wait for your free spins and fill your treasure.

How do you spend Coins in the Coin Master game?

The entire game of the coin master is about earning and spending the coins. Throughout the game, you have to spend the coin that you earn from Coin Master free spins.
You get to spend most of the coins in building your village. While doing so, you have to keep upgrading everything in your village, and it costs a good amount of coins.
Another good way to spend coins in the Coin Master is to purchase chests that can give you cards collection and food for your pets. Spending coins continuously is significant in the game, as if you accumulate the coins you get into the list of wealthy players.
And wealthy players are often raided by other players. So it is better to keep spending your coins.

How to get Coin Master daily free spins?

There are a number of ways to get free spins in the Coin Master game. The first way is by inviting your Facebook friends. You get 40 free spins with every invitation you give to your friend for joining you in the game.
The other way is to give to each other. You and your friend can give each other free spins. The automatic way of getting free spins is ‘to wait.’
After every few hours, you get a certain number of free spins without doing anything. So keep your patience with me!

There are how many levels in the Coin Master game?

The levels of Coin Master are villages. There are a total of 252 villages in the game that are the levels of the game.

How to improve the rank in the Coin Master game?

You have to focus on gaining stars and finishing the level as soon as possible with more attacks.

Can Coin Master be played on a laptop?

Yes! First of all, download the LDPlayer installer; after that, run the installer and complete the setup. The final step is to open this and search Coin Master on the search bar, install the game from the LD store, and start playing!

Where can I find my coin master username?

When you click on your village, your name will appear, and that’s your username too.


Here was some information about the popular game, the Coin Master, which you must give a shot.

Definitely, the game is easy, but it requires patience and time. To get ahead in the game, you have to spend a lot of time, which makes it one of the right options for time pass.

Do let us know your experience of the Coin Master in the comment section below and share this article with your friends And keep visiting on our website to get coin master.

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