Coin Master Viking Quest Tips And Winning Tricks

Here we are going to read about Coin Master Viking Quest tricks. The game Coin Master is everywhere, and so many people all around the globe love this game! Coin Master had dominated the mobile game world now, although it wasn’t popular in 2010 when it was first released.

This coin master game became popular when the company ‘Moon Active’ uploaded a trailer on YouTube recently. This random game just shot up after a year and now is everywhere on social media, mostly on Facebook.

It is so easy to play with just a one-click installation. This single-player game had also won a top-grossing Android and IOS game in the United Kingdom and Germany in 2019.

There are so many questions about Viking Quest being asked, and let me answer everything there is about Viking Quest in Coin Master before that, let us get a little insight about Viking Quest for a better understanding, Shall we?

What is Viking Quest in Coin Master?

Coin Master has many situations in which the opportunity arises for players to get big wins and so many exciting rewards, and Viking Quest is one of them.

Viking Quest is an outstanding opportunity for players to win free spins and coins and XP, potions, pet food, and a rare golden card, which is impossible to get through other means other than the Viking Quest.

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It is one of the most awaited events as it brings many amusing rewards with it. Every player is always so excited for the Viking Quest. It is also a bonus for the players as it will be raid free for three minutes, and at that time, you will get the full advantage of not getting looted by a friend. It is like a ‘ghost mode.’

Coin Master Viking Quest Tricks

There are specific Viking Quest tips and tricks for you to use these Viking Quest bonuses successfully. You can churn out billions of coins for yourself only when you have billions of coins stored.

Once you have stacked 5-7 billion coins, you are ready for this quest. If you keep in mind these tricks and tips properly, Viking Quest will surely be a success!

Make sure to remain calm at the beginning as it will reduce your chances of losing even a single penny; instead, it will increase your chance to win coins. The first five levels, collect every coin from the bonus wheel because the real quest starts from level six!

Slot Machine and Bonus Wheel trick

Are you unlucky when it comes to gambling? You are not getting good results when you bet; you can use some tips and Coin Master Viking Quest tricks to better results.

If this is your problem, just go to the slot machine, and use one spin and return to the bonus wheel. Now, set your bet to medium and put your bet.

Don’t raise your bet quickly; only do it once you win four or five bonuses and start spinning, and after every one or two spins, you are guaranteed to win big. Just know this, that there is no guarantee it will work because the coin master algorithm keeps changing, but if it does work, then you are guaranteed to win big.

Betting is the key

It would be best if you were very careful and smart about betting because, of course, every one of us is not a gambler naturally.

Therefore, blindly betting will make you go in loss, and you will lose coins instead of gaining. So here’s how to do it:

When you finally reach level 6, bet with the lowest number in the beginning and raise your bet after the first spin.

If you follow this method, you are bound to get many amusing and big rewards!

How to win Viking Quest in Coin Master?

If you play Coin Master, you are also one of the coin master players who wish to win this totally famous Viking Quest. It will be such a massive bonus for you.

The way to win is to play smartly with the given Coin Master Viking Quest tricks and tips above. Let me add more to it.

Make sure to get your hands on all the gold cards. Firstly you get your first gold card in level six. Next, with the betting trick mentioned, getting a big win will give you your second gold card. Also, you can win it from coin master VIP account

They are just reminding you again that stacking coins is the key! The third method is to play all levels in which you have to win coins at a maximum bet. The winnings will probably be equal to your betting. Only the bonus levels are different; play at the lowest stake and raise it slowly; just follow the trick carefully.

The fourth way is to look at combinations of 3 hearts. If you hit three hearts in a row, there is a higher chance of getting a bonus wheel. Therefore play a minimum bet until you get three hearts, and after that, set at maximum bet and keep going till you reach the bonus wheel.


Does the Coin Master hack work?

Yes, it does! You just need to get your hands on the correct one.

Now you are all set to win big in the Viking Quest with Coin Master Viking Quest tricks. Make sure to be smart enough and place your bets wisely. You are good to go! Before that, don’t forget to share your Viking Quest experience with us, and do let us know any of your secret tricks.

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