How to Get WSOP Redeem Codes

 WSOP Redeem Codes

In this new era, many online casino games have been developed to get the experience of Las Vegas casinos at your home. Up Till now, there are many online casino games where you can play casino slots for free. In addition, no real money is involved in these online games, unlike real casino games.

 This is the reason that these online slot games have gained popularity. Among all the entertaining online games, WSOP is the most popular and most played game. In WSOP, you require coins or chips to play, but you have to buy one if you are out of these chips. And this can be expensive. So, this wsop app also provides some promo codes to collect free chips and play for a long time. But the thing is, many people don’t know how to get these promo codes.

So,  If you are searching for wsop redeem codes and don’t know what it is? Or how to get it?

Don’t worry. This article will tell you everything about Wsop promo codes and help you get free Wsop redeem codes.

So, read till the end to get your answer.

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About WSOP Redeem Codes

WSOP stands for World Series Of Poker. It is an online casino game. This game will not give you real money, but you can play this game to practise for the real WSOP and the entertainment as well.

WSOP is the most popular and world-class series of poker games where experts from all over the world put their jackpot on poker. And the winner earns the more significant portion of it all.

Benny Binion originally developed wsop in 1974. But then it was purchased by caesars entertainment in 2004. Since then, it has been held under its new owner.

It is the most popular online poker game worldwide, with over 30 million downloads on gaming platforms including Android, iOS and Facebook.

Like other casino games, this game also requires a Facebook login to play the game.

You can say that wsop online games are for those who don’t have enough money to participate in actual competition. Furthermore, by playing this game, you will get the same feeling and joy.

You won’t believe that wsop has a higher rating on the play store than Pubg mobile.

How To Collect WSOP Promo Codes

If you want wsop promo codes to collect free chips, then we will tell you some simple ways to get promo codes.

Wsop chips are very costly, and if you don’t have enough chips, you have to pay enough money to buy some chips. However, this is not considered for those who don’t have enough money to buy chips.

So, here are some easy ways to get a discount on chips and get free wsop promo codes.

By using promo codes, you will be able to get a large number of chips.

Login to your wsop game with your Facebook account and follow the official wsop game account on Facebook because the official wsop game team gives promo codes on their Facebook page.

The official gaming team also mentions promo codes on their other social media pages so that you can collect these promo codes from other social media pages as well. You can also get free wsop promo codes and the latest updates on promo codes through email.

The best thing is all the codes are case-insensitive, so it doesn’t matter how you type it.

There are also hundreds of gaming sites online that give free promo codes of world series of poker. It’s just that you have to make sure that the promo codes are not expired. Always look for the latest and most legit promo codes.

How To Redeem WSOP Codes?

To redeem promo codes, the method is very effortless. If you have acquired promo codes for WSOP, you need to follow some simple steps to collect free chips.

  • Go to your WSOP game on your mobile and click on the “get chips” button.
  • After clicking on the button on the left side of your screen, there will be a box where you have to paste the promo code. It comes with the text ” claim now”.
  • Then there will be a redeem button under the box where you paste the promo code. Click on that redeem button.
  • After clicking the redeem button, the wsop app will send you a notification.
  • In that notification, it will be mentioned how many chips you have got for free with the help of a promo code. And the app will ask you if you want that promo code.
  • If you need free chips, then try that promo code.

WSOP Free Redeem Codes Working List:​

WSOP Promo Code [ GLYNMOD18 ] Free Chips X Status Bonus

WSOP Promo Code [ GLYNMOD2018 ] Free Chips X Status Bonus

WSOP Promo Code [ GLYNMOD18 ] Free Chips X Status Bonus

WSOP Promo Code  [ MODMATT1 ] Free Chips X Status Bonus

WSOP Promo Code [ MATTMOD2 ] Free Chips X Status Bonus

WSOP Promo Code [ MARKSLOUNGE18 ]   Free Chips X Status Bonus

WSOP Promo Code [ LOUNGEMODMARK ]  Free Chips X Status Bonus

WSOP Promo Code  [ WSOPMODJOY ]Free Chips X Status Bonus

WSOP Promo Code[ JOYLOVESTHELOUNGE ] Free Chips X Status Bonus

WSOP Promo Code [ TYLERSMOD2018 ]Free Chips X Status Bonus

WSOP Promo Code [ MODDESIREERULES ] Free Chips X Status Bonus

WSOP Promo Code [WSOPBRACELET2018 ]Free Chips X Status Bonus


An essential tip for playing world series of poker and getting wsop promo codes is to log in to the game using your Facebook account. By doing this, the user will get some benefits like-

  • Total Ad-free experience
  • Auto bonus collections
  • Daily get a chance to spin wsop free chips wheel to earn more offers.
  • You will have no lag in the game.
  • Also will have a chance to play with your Facebook friends to see who is better.
  • You can also get faster access to WSOP promo codes and chip links every month.

I hope that after reading this article, you will be able to gather some wsop redeem codes. One important thing to consider while using these redeem codes is that these promo codes have their expiry date. So make sure to redeem these promo codes once you get them to earn tons of free chips. Collect all the redeem codes from where you find them so that the lack of WSOP chips does not hinder your wsop gaming experience.

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